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You can attach your Tageshopper to your grinder with just a few hand movements. Just have a look at our video instructions.

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Care intructions

The best way to clean the Tageshopper is to take it out of your mill. Now put a few drops of commercially available soap on the inside and outside of the acrylic glass. Using water, you can first distribute the detergent and then remove it again. Coffee oils can be easily removed with detergent. Please do not use strong detergents to clean your Tageshopper, as they could either make its surface matt or cause hairline cracks. Never put it in the dishwasher.

Which Tageshopper suits my grinder?

Tageshopper for ECM
S-Manuale 64, S-Automatik 64, S-Automatik 64 Anthracite, V-Titan 64

Tageshopper for Mazzer
Mini Electronic A, Mini Electronic B, Mini Filter, Super Jolly Electronic

Frequent questions:

The outer diameter at the socket measures 44.9mm, above the socket it is 50mm.

The outer diameter measures 60mm throughout.

We recommend that you do not store your coffee beans in the Tageshopper for longer than one day for optimum aroma. The filling capacity is between 4 and 6 double espressos, depending on the bean.

Yes, you can switch between your Tageshopper and the old bean hopper at any time. The connection of your grinder does not have to be changed for the Tageshopper, so you can use it as usual.

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Frequently asked questions:

Yes, it’s possible. Please order the handle set and write in the order note which portafilter head you would like to have replaced by a bottomless one.
This option is reserved for dealers who have the appropriate tool. Please contact the dealer of your choice and ask for our Wiedemann parts.

No, here you can easily insert and continue to use your own filter basket or soon you can purchase our Wiedemann Precision filter baskets in our shop.

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