Precision Tamper

Precision Tamper

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Options “58,0mm, 58,5mm” fit for:
If you own a machine model from the following manufacturers and use their supplied 58mm filter baskets, our Precision Tamper 58 fits perfectly:

Bezzera, BFC, Brasilia, Carimali, Conti, ECM, Elektra, Faema, Fiorenzato, Gaggia, Grimac, IIsomac, IZZO, La Cimbali, La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, Quickmill, Rancilio, Rocket Espresso Milano, Vibiemme, Wega

What is the difference between option “58.0mm” and option “58.5mm”?
This specifies the lower diameter of the tamper plate. Both fit into 58mm filter baskets. Which of the two options is used is, like so many things in life, a matter of taste. If the tamper is used by different people and it is sometimes better to go faster, we recommend the 58.0mm tamper. If the preparation is celebrated and the ideal result is particularly in the foreground, we recommend the 58.5mm tamper. Using this diameter, the coffee powder in your filter basket is compressed a little further towards the edge and the risk of small channels (so-called channeling) forming in the coffee puck due to the brewing pressure is minimised.

Option “41mm” fits for:
The Precision Funnel 41 was developed especially for the Precision Tamper 41 and can only be used with it. Together they perfect your espresso preparation with the LM 7g Strada filter basket. The La Marzocco LM 7g Strada is required for use.

How do I know if I have a 58mm filter basket?
The 58mm is the inside diameter of the filter basket. Just take your portafilter out of the brewing group and measure it as shown in the picture. Important: If the inside diameter is just under 59mm, you speak of a 58mm filter basket. The sizes “58,0mm and 58,5mm” fit these filter baskets.


Precision Tamper 58/58,5

1x Precision Tamper


Precision Tamper 41,0

1x Precision Tamper

Protect your Precision Tamper from water. A few drops do not bother the repeatedly treated wood, but should be avoided. The precision stamper with aluminium handle may come into contact with water, but must never be put in the dishwasher.

Präzisionstamper 58
Passend zu dem Präzisionstamper 58 (Durchmesser 58,0, oder 58,5) ist der Präzisionstrichter 58 die ideale Ergänzung für deine Espressozubereitung. Der Präzisionstamper 58 und der Präzisionstrichter 58 sind für einander gemacht.

Präzisionstamper 41
Der Präzisionstamper 41 wurde speziell für den Präzisionstrichter 41 entwickelt und kann nur mit diesem verwendet werden. Zusammen perfektionieren sie deine Espressozubereitung mit dem 1er Sieb. Wir empfehlen das La Marzocco 1er Sieb.

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Frequently asked questions:

Yes, it’s possible. Please order the handle set and write in the order note which portafilter head you would like to have replaced by a bottomless one.
This option is reserved for dealers who have the appropriate tool. Please contact the dealer of your choice and ask for our Wiedemann parts.

No, here you can easily insert and continue to use your own filter basket or soon you can purchase our Wiedemann Precision filter baskets in our shop.

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