Salli Partanen

Born in Lappland, in northern Finnland, Salli is the self learned Baker. She studied fine arts and you could say that she masters the art of baking today!

Raphael Bartke

Born in southern Germany, long term Traveller found the perfect place to settle in southern Sweden. He loves projects of all kinds.

Loshult Handelsbod, Café & Bakery

After some years running a home bakery, they decided to buy a run down old supermarket from 1820 and restored the building to open their Café & Bakery in Loshult.

Cinnamon buns

Salli's speciality are the cinnamon buns. They are done in a special Finnish way and people say they are the best cinnamon buns in the northern hemisphere.

Sourdough bread

Salli also masters the art of sourdough baking. With a lot of patience and hand shaping all doughs rest at least 24h before they get baked in the stone oven.

The little bread house

Not shy of trying new concepts, they build a little bread house offering fresh baked bread and buns every Friday. You pick what you want and pay electronically or cash in a little box.

Fresh self made produce, local and ecological.

The guests at Loshult Handelsbod enjoy fresh, ecological produce. Down to the jam, made from their own black currants straight from the garden.

Sourdough bread

"We prepare a wide variation of breads. German Landbrot to Finnish Rye bread. All baked in a good old German stone oven."

But first Coffee

The focus in their café is good bread and good coffee. "We are happy to be able to work with a ECM Elektronika Profi duo and the beautiful handles by Wiedemann Manufaktur."

Loshult Handelsbod, Café & Bakery

Only high-quality coffee from the Swedish roasting company "Solde" goes into the ECM's portafilter. Whether Aribica, Robusta or an aromatic blend - the selection is large.

Casa Bartke

Their private house is also available through Airbnb. So if you want to escape the city and enjoy a week in the beautiful southern Swedish nature, let them know! As a guest you are allowed to pick your own strawberries, rhubarb or get your very fresh honey from our bees.

To Salli and Raphael

Thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful story. We wish you all the best and look forward to visiting you in Sweden.

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