Cleaning has never been so beautiful.

Daily espresso preparation leaves coffee grounds residue in the portafilter machine and grinder, especially where you can't easily get to it. If these are not removed, your equipment will become dirty in the long run and the residues will harden. With the Wiedemann cleaning brush there is now a stylish solution.

One brush. Four types of wood.

Matching our other products, the Wiedemann Cleaning Brush is available in four different types of wood


Mediterranean sustainable wood from the heart of Sicil.

Mediterranean wood


Rustic wood from sustainable German forestry.

 Rustic wood


Noble sustainable wood from North American forests.

Fine wood

Smoked oak

A luxurious eye-catcher made of German wood

Luxurious wood

A haptic experience.

Our wooden handles are treated with a biological hard oil several times by hand, so that the naturally unique haptic is preserved. The difference to plastic or lacquered wood is noticeable with every grasp. Careful polishing by hand ensures a unique surface and a flawless appearance.

Bristles that stay.

High-quality hair bristles ensure optimal cleaning results and lasting durability. 

An engraved stainless steel bezel sits seamlessly on the polished wooden handle, protectively enclosing the bristles.

Noble processing quality.

Bristles that stay.

High-quality hair bristles ensure optimal cleaning results and long-lasting durability. On the polished wooden handle sits seamlessly an engraved stainless steel bezel, which encloses the bristles protectively.

Our woods

We love working with wood and like to use natural products to ensure the highest possible quality. Premium quality wood comes from a healthy environment and this is not self-evident. All our woods are carefully selected with a strong focus on sustainability.

Wiedemann Cleaning Brush

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Wiedemann precision funnel

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Our warranty

You get three years of warranty on all Wiedemann products.

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Yes, it’s possible. Please order the handle set and write in the order note which portafilter head you would like to have replaced by a bottomless one.
This option is reserved for dealers who have the appropriate tool. Please contact the dealer of your choice and ask for our Wiedemann parts.

No, here you can easily insert and continue to use your own filter basket or soon you can purchase our Wiedemann Precision filter baskets in our shop.

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